Friday, February 24, 2012

Named after a pirate

My name is John Hawkins

If you think that sounds like a pirate's name, you are right.

Sir John Hawkins originally worked for the queen stealing gold from the Spanish and Portuguese. One day he took off with a boat load for himself. So the legend goes.

So I and all the other John Hawkins' out there who aspire to fame through the humble google page rank, seem to be forever be humbled by this historical figure.

I propose that we all band together and create a unified John Hawkins identity that can combat our representation on google as a pirate. Except for the John Hawkins that is an obnoxious right wing blogger, he should forced to change his name to Jack.


  1. I don't think your father had such lofty ideals when he named you. It had more to do with blasphemy in giving you the initials J.C.

    1. You could be right Uncle, there is a deep love for blasphemy in our family. But, between myself and my brother Jim, there is an undeniable pirate theme in our family name.