Saturday, August 11, 2012

How much do you 'Like' me ?

A guy I don't know recently sent me a Facebook friend request. Usually I just ignore these requests. I am liberal with the definition of friend, but I have to have met someone once before I accept a request on Facebook. This time it was a guy who knew several of my friends and was working on an interesting project. So against my usual rules I accepted and sent him a quick message telling him that I liked the project and I had interest in collaborating if the opportunity arose.

A day later, instead of replying to the message, he sent me an invitation to 'Like' his page. A day after that he sent me an invite to be friends with his second FB account. This gets under my skin. It is practically an open admission that he has no interest in social networking other than using people to 'Like' stuff.

These kinds of experiences are not uncommon. On twitter I constantly encounter writers whose only tweets are plugs for their own books. In spite of all the raving going on about the economic miracle of 'Social', all I see is people using it for SPAM.

The best advice I have ever heard about 'Social' is be yourself and talk about something other than what you are selling. Maybe people will find you interesting enough to look into what you do.

Excuse me now, I have someone I need to unfriend.

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