Monday, April 22, 2013

Ubuntu on Toshiba Satellite P870 / 05P

I just bought a new Toshiba Satellite P870 / 05P laptop, amazing specs, but ten minutes of playing with windows 8 convinced me that I don't even want to dual boot. I just wanted it off my machine.

Unfortunately I then discovered that Ubuntu 12.04 has no device drivers for the wireless or Ethernet cards on this machine. Loads of head scratching and searching and I eventually found a link to a device driver on various Ubuntu forums that can be installed.

I followed the instruction about halfway down this page

However I had to use this archive instead of the one listed because Ubuntu 12.04 uses the 3.5 Kernel.

I really should read the source myself to make sure nothing nasty has been inserted into this code, but for now I am depending on the goodwill of my fellow Ubuntu users.

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